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The Best of the Best Planners

Have you ever wondered how the esteemed TOP1PERCENTERS™ got to the level of success in their perspective fields & lives? Asking who are they? How are they different? What did they do on a daily basis to achieve this level of success? You’re asking the right questions!

The TOP1PERCENTER™ planner compiles the daily habits and principles used by these TOP1PERCENTERS™; CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Business leaders, Millionaire & Billionaire mentors. The best individuals, living meaningful lives, at the highest level! Hundreds of years of knowledge, principles & habits handed down from mentor to mentor and now in this planner!

Start living an intentional life by forming these same habits and living the same principles modeled after these mentors. Anyone who uses this planner will see personal growth, will experience immediate results & will find the desired success they seek by living an intentional life.

You only have one life. Be intentional with the way you live it on a daily basis. Strive for mastery in every aspect of existence and experience the utmost quality of life. We call this a Life by Design”.

Embrace the journey of becoming the best version of yourself, focusing on the six pillars that define a fulfilling life: MONEY, CRAFT, MIND, BODY, PEOPLE, and SPIRIT. Let this planner guide you towards your desired transformation on a daily, weekly & monthly basis, helping you stay on track, monitor improvements and make progress consistently.

The Difference

  1. Change your life in 90 days through the books you read and the people you know. The Top1percenter Planner is the best of both! Incredible life lessons from incredible people and the systems and habits they have passed down from generation to generation.
  2. Top quality design and materials including QR codes throughout the planner that will direct you to videos and additional education and mentoring!
  3. Not just a planner. You’ll have daily challenges and life lessons you can apply immediately to improve the quality of your life financially, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and in your relationships.
  4. Learn how to live a fulfilled and meaningful life as you learn what it means to live a Life by Design.
  5. After purchasing the Top1percenter Planner you will be invited to our network. A place where to ask questions, continue learning and to be part of the TOP1PERCENTER family and our movement Live Life by Design!

Take Control of Your Life

TOP1PERCENTER™ Creating a habit just takes a little dedication - inside the planner

By taking control of your schedule, your goals & habits; you can start living your best life.

Habits & Principles Daily Challenge

TOP1PERCENTER™ Nightly recap for a better day - inside the planner

Each day Braun & Adam will mentor you and challenge you to grow by learning new habits & applying new principles to live by.  

Planning Your Day for Success

TOP1PERCENTER™ Diving into the how the planner is so effective - inside the planner

Long-term and short-term planning provides expert successful results.

Sunday Planning & Weekly Recap

TOP1PERCENTER™ - Sunday planning, weekly recap - inside planner

Identify and recognize your accomplishments and what can be done better in the future.

Principles to Shape Lifestyle

TOP1PERCENTER™ - Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) - Inside the planner

Through the planner you will learn principles and discover how these principles shaped the lives of TOP1PERCENTERS™

6 Pillars of Self-Evaluation

TOP1PERCENTER™ 6 Pillar Self Evaluation - inside the planner

Checklist of daily activities to help keep you leading a Life by Design.