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Top1PERCENTER – Planner

“This planner is the secret to my success. It is a compilation of all the habits and principals used by all of our mentors who are all Top1Percenters in their own ways. Everyone who uses this planner is stunned by their personal results and progress. This is the best planner you’ll ever own!”
-Braun Thueson

Vacation Rental Course

Short Term Rental

Investment Course

This Investment course was created to address all of your questions about Short Term Rental investing. We understand that it’s a significant decision, which is why we aim to share the tools, steps, and systems necessary for you to enjoy these fantastic assets with your friends and family. By compiling the information, lessons, and systems we’ve acquired through our own experience of owning four vacation homes, this course will provide you with the confidence needed to start building your Short Term Rental investment portfolio.

  • Short term rental property cabin with investors enjoying life with family in front of cabin.

30 Day Self-Improvement Challenge

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