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T1P Podcast

T1P Podcast

The TOP1PERCENTER™ Podcast focuses on more than just wealth creation. We cover many topics relating to living a more meaningful life, how to improving your quality of life, and how to live a Life by Design™

-Braun & Adam
  1. Introduction to TOP1PERCENTER™ & Founder Braun Thueson’s Story
  2. Farm Boy Work Ethic = Cheat Code To Success & Founder Adam Nelson’s Story
  3. Founding TOP1PERCENTER & Buildinbg A Life By Design
  4. Marriage & Money
  5. Which Type of Asset Class You Should Invest In & How to Get Started!
  6. Trials, Tribulations and Staying On Path
  7. Revealing Why Should You Homeschool Your Kids
  8. Braun Weapon: Interview With Financial Advisor Josh Black
  9. Why Are Mormons So Good At Sales? | T1P Podcast
  10. Managing Screen Time For Kids
  11. The Power Of A Morning Routine
  12. Corner Stone Of Family & Success – The Power Of A Healthy Marriage
  13. Setting Your Kids Up For Financial Success
  14. Should You Have An LLC? & Everything You Need To Know To Get Set
  15. Leasing vs. Buying a Car: Which is the Better Option for YOU?
  16. How To Make $250k yr in Door 2 Door Sales
  17. How To Find Success In Sales!
  18. Don’t Buy Wait To Buy Real Estate. Buy Real Estate And Wait!
  19. The 6 Pillars Of Wealth
  20. Cabins that Cashflow
  21. Russ Smoot Ride Along
  22. Why You Only Win With Consistency – Big Mike Ride Along
  23. Door to Door Sales Rep to Regional Manager & Realestate Investing

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